One Two Cosmetics: The False Lashes That Have Beauty Experts In Shock

One Two Cosmetics: The False Lashes That Have Beauty Experts In Shock

It takes a lot to impress today’s beauty editors, who often see hundreds of new products come across their desks each month. It also takes a lot to stand out in today’s beauty market. You need to have something new, innovative, and never-before-seen to offer consumers. Or … you can just design something you need so badly in your own life and hope that other people might rejoice in your ingenuity.

That’s what happened to Katy Stoka of One Two Cosmetics. Fed up with her ongoing battle with false eyelashes and wanting to feel effortlessly chic when she left the house – and not covered in glue with her makeup ruined – she started to think that there must be an easier way to own va va voom lashes. Then, one day, an epiphany hit her.

That vision was 100% glue-free lashes that relied solely on a magnetic force to hold them in place. That’s right, magnetic eyelashes.

Katy set to work to design her own patented micro-magnetic technology, and One Two Lash was born: the world’s first ever magnetic false eyelashes.

What are magnetic lashes?

You may be thinking, “But how do magnetic lashes stick to my own lashes when I’m not a magnetic being?”

Good question. The secret to One Two Cosmetics’ lashes actually lies in the neat little pairing of magnets. Because, as we know, every magnet needs a partner to snuggle up tight with.

Rather than applying a false lash to only the top of your natural lashes, One Two Lash actually sandwiches your natural lash between two ultra-lightweight lash strips. Each of these strips contains a magnet which attracts the other half.

No glue, no fuss, just one simple magnetic attraction and voila! Long, thick, and luxurious lashes are yours. The beauty of magnets is that you have to pry them apart to disable them, so you can feel secure that they will actually stay put, even if you’re dancing the night away.

What beauty experts are saying

Beauty experts are falling all over One Two Cosmetics magnetic lashes:

  • Teen Vogue: “a beauty game-changer.”
  • Cosmopolitan: “…where money can actually buy time and happiness.”
  • Popsugar: “I’m hopelessly addicted to magnetic false lashes and never turning back.”
  • The Zoe Report: “These magnetic lash strips will change your life.”
  • And Allure awarded One Two Lash with a 2016 Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product award at their Best of Beauty 2016.


How do I apply One Two Lash?

Thanks to Katy Stoka, your social life just got a whole lot easier. Applying One Two Lash is as simple as one, two, out the door.

  1. First, take the top lash and place its edge directly over your own natural lash line. Let it rest there a moment.
  2. Pick up the bottom lash and position this one underneath your own natural lashes. Slowly bring it up so that its miniature magnet meets the magnet on the top lash. Once they’re in line, they will automatically click together in place.

Repeat on the other eye, and … you’re done!

Are One Two Lashes Reusable?

One Two Cosmetics knows that once you stop ruining false lashes with glue, there’s no reason to throw them in the trash after one use. One Two Lashes are built to last if taken care of.

When it comes time to remove your One Two Lash set, use your index finger and thumb to gently slide the two magnets away from each other. Take it slowly, so that you don’t ruin the shape of your new lashes. Avoid washing your face prior to removal, and always store One Two Lashes in their special case. If you notice makeup or mascara residue on your lashes, simply remove with a wet tissue.Though mascara is recommended on your own inner lashes to blend into One Two Lashes (which sit on the outer half of your lashes), you should never apply mascara directly to the One Two Lash fibers.

In terms of cost effectiveness, One Two Cosmetics has developed a product that beats lash extensions, and even cheap grocery store “falsies,” hands down.

Will One Two Lash suit me?

The One Two Cosmetics goal is to provide everyone with hassle-free, spectacular eyelashes. One Two Lash works for people of all ages and ethnicities, and fits any eye shape. They also come in three different types: Original, Bold, and Accent. Original provides a more natural, though impactful look; Bold is for those occasions when you want to make a dramatic impact; and Accent provides just the outer corners of your lashes with a perky lift.

How can I buy One Two Lash?

One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes are manufactured in the United States and are available at the One Two Cosmetics website. They do ship overseas, so check to see if your country is currently listed during the checkout process.