310 Nutrition Shake provide an extraordinary path to long-term loss of weight through their triplex protein brand. The organization`s mission is to continuously distribute a product that unique and better than other meal replacement shakes.

Their plan for achieving this mission is supplying a product that has reduced fillers, zero soy protein, and absolutely no chemical additives and contents.

Below is an in-depth look at the 310 shake 


310 shakes have 90 calories for each serving, which is somewhat less than IsaLean and marginally more than Ideal shape shake. None of these calories are sourced from fat thus 310 shakes are fat-free. 


A scoop of 310 shakes weighs 24.5g and contains 15g of protein. This same amount has zero fat and 8g of carbohydrates in total. 

Additional nutrients include 

  • Cholesterol – 5mg 
  • Sodium – 125mg 
  • Potassium – 25mg 

Vitamins and minerals 

  • 310 meal replacement shakes have 16 different minerals and vitamins: 
  • Vitamin A – helps boost eyesight as well as healthier skin 
  • Calcium – enhances nerve communication and toughens bones 
  • Vitamin D – promotes healthy bones and reduces chances of heart disease 
  • Niacin – aids reduce levels of unhealthy cholesterol and elevate good cholesterol 
  • Folate – normalizes brain function and helps boost mood 
  • Biotin – supports healthy nails and skin 
  • Phosphorus – raises the strength of bones and encourages muscle growth 
  • Magnesium – promotes healthy kidneys and heart  
  • Vitamin C – toughens immune system and combats illness  
  • Iron – supports healthy blood and upsurges energy 
  • Vitamin E – Shields both the brain and the liver 
  • Riboflavin – Increases the capacity of the body to burn calories 
  • Vitamin B6 – Essential for protein synthesis in the body 
  • Vitamin B12 – Supports production of red blood cells 
  • Pantothenic acid – crucial for converting food into energy 


310 shakes are presently offered in Vanilla, Mocha, and Vegan Chocolate, salted caramel, chocolate and strawberry flavors. They used to have an added advantage due to their fabulous tastes. Though they altered their recipe and in these new recipes they make the shakes healthier and sacrifice the flavor in the process.

Out of the many meal replacement shakes in the market 310 shakes have the most continuously negative feedback when it comes to taste by users. 310 shakes reviews by users show it has a bad taste.

310 shakes contain below 1g of sugar per serving, no fat, and reduced carbs. This adds up to a bland protein shake. If you have issues with the taste, you can go for Isagenix`s IsaLean or IdealShakes.  


Right consistency can aid with the taste issues with 310 shakes. They have a thicker consistency and as well blend appropriately with beverages. Numerous users mix 310 shakes with almond milk, vegetables, and fruits to try and get rid of the taste. You can as well blend it with coconut milk. The 310 powder is not at all chalky and does clump while mixing. 

Satisfaction level

310 shake triplex protein a profile optimizes the efficiency of its protein and helps curb hunger for a long time.  

The triplex proteins include 

  • Isolate whey protein – works swiftly and has reduced lactose and carb amounts  
  • Whey protein concentrate – has amino acids and is absorbed by the body easily 
  • Milk protein concentrate – this protein acts slowly but sustains the levels of amino acids brought about by whey protein concentrate 
  • Pea protein – stalls the ghrelin process, which is a hormone that tells the brain the time to eat. This feature is unique in 310 shakes 
  • Fibersol 2 – this fiber counteracts the brain signals that inform it of hunger  

Reviews and results

Numerous 310 Nutrition reviews have people commenting about high energy after taking a 310 shake. One user reported that their mother had reduced protein levels and after consuming 310 shakes for a month, her proteins increased by 5 points. In addition, it helps another user drop 12 pounds within six weeks. 310 Nutrition reviews are very positive in terms of results. There are lots of 310 shake reviews from users in their website where you can check to know if it suits you.  


  • It has no sugar or fat 
  • It has excellent content that suppresses hunger 
  • It has high protein  
  • It has reduced calories  


  • The new recipe does not have a good taste 
  • The meal replacement shake is expensive 

Where to buy

One package with 28 servings will cost you $68.00 


This meal replacement shake has all the proper numbers in all the correct place- no fat, almost zero sugar, a lot of fiber and carbs, reduced calories and increased the concentration of proteins, thus making it the best meal replacement shake for weight loss. 

Though it is challenging to get each benefit of the powder because the taste makes it hard to consume. This is why we cannot thoroughly recommend the 310 meal replacement shakes also from the 310 shake reviews from clients, it works efficiently for your weight loss journey.