The reasons behind weight gain can be many ranging from over-eating to health issues. However, the most widely known and common cause of weight gain is a sedentary lifestyle.

Today, we prefer less physically exhausting jobs. We fall back on dishwashers and other things that help us gain more time and do less. This lack of physical activity not only invites extra pounds, but also paves the way for other health issues that can be a grievous problem.


As easy as it is to gain weight, shaking it off is difficult and challenging. But it is certainly not impossible. With the right amount of determination and guidance, one can kick off the plaguing weight. However, most people perceive dieting as the most effective method of doing so and tend to skip their meals in their bid to lose the excess weight.

According to leading nutritionists, dieting and starving yourself will only make you weak and is an unhealthy take on weight loss. Rather, they recommend meal replacement or diet shakes as a beneficial supplement to help you achieve desired results, as a healthy lifestyle change. As the name suggests, meal replacement or diet shakes are low calorie dietary supplements that are meant to substitute your regular calorie laden solid food meals.


A meal replacement or diet shake is specially formulated to contain about 100-200 calories and can be used either to supplement or totally replace regular meals. These shakes are popularly touted as ‘health shakes,’ as they include essential vitamins and minerals that aid your overall wellbeing.

According to health experts, an ideal meal replacement shake should have not more than 30% of fat and should be contrived to mirror a balanced and wholesome meal, with the right amount of carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals that not only helps you lose weight but also makes you healthy! Diet shakes are also considered go-to meals for people who don’t have the time to prepare elaborate low fat meals.

How Are Diet Shakes Great in the Springtime?

As much as we may love the cold, snow and scenic beauty of the winter months, it is usually hard on our waist line. We tend to put on weight during the cold, harsh winters that constantly make us want to spend our entire day curled up in a blanket and sip hot and creamy chocolate brews.

Winter also means a festive season for many of us with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious holidays, and New Year’s Eve all lined up one after the other. Who can resist all the sinful festive delicacies that surround us during this season? The frosty winter also considerably slows down our metabolism’s which in turn makes us lazy and retain most of our calorie intake. The short days are not much of a help either, as early sunset means lazy winter nights in front of the television.

However, spring follows soon after and motivates us to get up and start moving with its zesty, refreshing and vigorous spirit! The earth shakes off its snowy blanket and braces itself for a renewed life. For most people, it is the ideal time to shed the winter weight and get back into shape, as their metabolism mimics the exuberance of their surroundings.

As most people want to enjoy the weather to its fullest, they ditch the confinement of gyms and go for outdoor workouts, which helps them feel refreshed and reinvigorated. Moreover, the gooey hot winter meals are replaced by refreshing and light food items to suit our spring cravings. A meal replacement shake or diet shake is the ideal choice for the spring weight loss program. They not only aid weight loss but are also a healthy alternative to regular shakes that are a rage during spring and sultry summers. Spring also makes us want to step out and embark on trips and journeys that were otherwise put on hold during the chilly winters.

However, travelling often wreaks havoc to our regular eating patterns, as the inability to carry our regular meals forces us to eat out, which in turn is an unhealthy option