Prevent Skin from Spots and Pits

Prevent Skin from Spots and Pits

An acorn is a dysfunction of the skin, which can be seen in most of the people. To an extent acne is caused due to the dust and pollution, which surface of the skin and cause the bacteria to infect the skin. These skin infections cause lots of distress and creates lots of pain. Many adolescent who bears this infection also suffers from under confidence moments when they are reluctant to face the people due to disproportional skin surface. The regular cleanliness of the skin can refrain the acne or related infection from the human skin.

What is an acne?

An acne is the most common spots which can be seen and noticed due to ignorance of the skin care. Though most of the affected people are lying between the age of 16 to 25 but, it can be seen in the elderly people too. The number of infection is seen more in boys than in girls. There are small sebaceous glands, which are located just under the skin surface. These glands secrets the oily substance called sebum which keeps the skin moisturized and supple and smooth. The pores on the skin surface helps the sebum to come to the surface. These pores also allow the hair follicles to grow on the skin surface. When there is an over production of sebum or over production of skin tissues which covers up the pores and also the bacteria gets confined inside the pores.

The plugged pores start to turn reddish and pops out due to the anaerobic bacteria which spreads the infection and develops the pus. The pus ruptures the skin pores and the skin tissues and cells. One can see the plugs which are forming over the skin as blackheads and whiteheads over the cyst. The black spot over the blackheads are not due to the dirt, but it is the black pigment of the skin. In some of the cases the acne does not agitate beyond this mild stage. This is the formation of an acne.

What promotes acne to worse?

There are many reported and searched and studied factors which takes an upper hand in promoting the acne. The consumption of progestogen contraceptive pills may aggravate the form of an acne. The hormonal changes during the time of the menstrual cycle is another factor which causes acne. The hormonal changes during the adolescent teenage years. The consumption anabolic steroids, which are specially used by the body builder’scause’s acne too. The usage of greasy and excessive amount of makeup blocks the pores, hence it’s always good to refrain from such artificial products.

When the androgen levels go up and the gland secretes too much of oil which blocks the pores and the plugged area or comedones gives a shade to the bacteria to flourish. The trapped sebum also gives the bacteria to spread the infection and helps them multiply their numbers and so does the infection and the infected space expands. The acne treatment goes for long duration if the acne is disturbed or picked. The picked acne leaves scars and pits. The folks who suffer from acne related infection builds up the chances to transpose the acne combined hormones for the kids.

Medicine to treat acne

The acne treatment can be described through numerous amounts of medicines. The use of retinols acid cream or gel is the best acne treatment available in the market. The medicines are used as an ointment by applying it in the infected area. It should not only be applied to the spots of the acne but should be used as a cream spreading in the entire facial skin. The medicine works by restricting the bacteria to spread the infection and diminishes the pus and rebuilds the skin cells. The usage of Benzoyl Peroxide is another effective medicine which helps to eradicate the acne and also leaves no scar and produce a healthy and beautiful skin.

The acne is the previous stage of cystic acne. Hence, by the time it should be treated and cured ethically. The medicines should always be applied and consumed with the proper prescription of the doctor. The main function which can eradicate acne from the start is some of the self-care to be the prime owner of a flawless skin.