In this generation, a lot of women are determined to try beauty items at least once in their lifetime. It is no different with false eyelashes. For many of us, it seems to be a great idea to try false eyelashes when a big, important event is just around the corner.

You may have read from your favorite publication that it is effortless to apply false eyelashes in order to look amazing. Later, you find yourself in a very difficult situation – you have glue all over your eyelashes and running late for an important occasion. In the end, you may end up asking yourself where and why everything is a mess.

Luckily, one lady had a manifestation while in the bathroom. Katy Stoka was her name.

The Product – One Two Lash

Roughly 99% of all ladies find it time wasting and hard to apply false eyelashes and among them is Katy Stoka, a former real-estate developer. However, she cherished having awesome lashes. Who could have thought that she will one day come up with a revolutionary idea?

What was in her imagination fueled the idea. She thought of lashes possessing magnetic power. That would end the need for using glue which can be messy at times. The magnetic power can enable countless ladies to have thick, long, stunning lashes within seconds.

Born in 2014 after a lot of research and planning, One Two Cosmetics has one main mission to accomplish: “effortless beauty”. That was to be achieved by introduction of a revolutionary product that was not in the market then, One Two Lash. Apart from Katy designing the one-of-a-kind magnetic lashes, she also invented micro-magnetic technology in the process.

One Two Lash – How It Works

The newly invented wonder lashes are simple to use because you only need two steps to accomplish that just as their name suggests. Each of the One Two Lash comes with duo magnetic lash strips. The process applying the new lashes is as follows:

  1. First, you hold the lash that doesn’t have a red dot over the natural lashes. Make sure you line up the outer edge to be in line with your natural lash edge.
  2. Then, move away from the top lash to the bottom lash now. Take the lash with a red dot and place it under the natural lashes but ensure it is in line with the first lash. Once the magnets become perfectly aligned, they click together holding the natural lash in between.


That is as easy as it gets.

What happens if you want to remove them? You take your thumb and index finger and softly slide the duo magnets apart. Although the process may seem straight forward, you have to carefully remove them to preserve their look and shape.

Those that have been using One Two Lash, have realized one thing – the more they use the product, the more efficient and faster they become. The product has a number of variations including accent, bold and original style.

One Two Lashes – Reusability

One of the great features of One Two Lash is being able to be used severally. Provided you remove them and keep them properly, you can use them countless times.

On the other hand, all lashes using glue for the application may not be reusable because of their state after you remove them. To work around that problem, you can use eyelash extensions though they are very costly. Furthermore, your lashes will require refilling after every 2 to 3 weeks.

When you compare the cost of One Two Lash with that of other types, you will also appreciate that the cost of the former is almost nothing because of their reusability.

What Others Are Saying

It took less than three years for One Two Lash to win an award for the best innovative breakthrough beauty product. The Cosmopolitan considered One Two Lash as a product that if bought, you buy happiness and time. Teen Vague argued it is a game changer in the beauty industry whereas Popsugar’s Assistant Editor declared of being addicted to the product.

One Two More

The founder of One Two Cosmetics team, Katy Stoka is determined, hardworking and committed to using technology to ensure beauty is achieved effortlessly. Very soon you will get other innovative products including One Two Lip, One Two Skin, and One Two Eye.

Lastly, Katy also likes giving something back to the community. One Two Cosmetics gives 1.2% of the revenues to community-based organizations through One Two Give initiative.